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Russian and North American astronauts returned to Earth

Jazkazgan (Kazakhstan): 
After a recent accident during launch, the first crew from the International Space Station returned to Earth on Tuesday. There was suspicion about the return of the Russian space program after the crash during the launch. NASA astronaut Anne McClane, Oleg Kononenko of Roscosmos and David St-Jacques, the record holder of the Canada Space Agency, arrived in Kazakhstan late at night for two hours and 47 minutes.

Russian and North American astronauts returned to Earth
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In October, he had to face an emergency due to a disturbance after a few minutes of launch in Soyuz Rocket carrying Alexei Ohchinin of Russia and US astronaut Nick Hague. After this, three passengers were sent to space for the first time on December 3. There was no casualty in the Soyuz rocket incident, and it was the first accident involving the Russian Space Campaign after the Soviet era

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