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Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress alliance in Maharashtra, filed 'cheating with the people', petition

 An apex court has filed a petition in Maharashtra demanding the 'cheating' declaration from voters to seek unity after the elections between Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP in Maharashtra.

The change in Shiv Sena's turn is in play with voters' confidence in the NDA.

It is expected to be listed for hearing within the next few days. The petition alleges that Shiv Sena's altercation with the BJP was nothing but a flurry of trust in the NDA through voters.

President's rule was imposed in Maharashtra on Tuesday

Following the report sent to the Center by Governor Bhagat Singh Koshari, President Raj was imposed in Maharashtra on Tuesday, saying that despite all efforts by him, a stable government was created in view of the situation in the state. Impossible.

In the petition, the Center and the state have demanded this guidance

In a public petition filed by Pramod Pandit Joshi, the Center and the state have also been directed to refrain from appointing Chief Minister appointed by Shiv Sena, Congress-NCP alliance.

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