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The question that goes through the mind of the girls one night before the wedding

Marriage is a precious relationship. Not only do two people join in this bond, but two families, namely, the family, also merge. Before getting into a marriage relationship, there are many questions that arise in the groom's mind. They also have a strange fear of taking on this new relationship. Relationships with a new family (people).

One night before the wedding, there are many questions lingering in the minds of the kiddies. When she talks to her married friends for questions, they sometimes get confused. If you think that the day before the wedding they will think about their marriage or Honeymoon, you are thinking wrong. Let's know what the girls think the night before their wedding. What goes on in their minds ...

Did not rush to get married?

Girls are getting married no matter how late, but on the first night of marriage, they think they have not been quick to make a decision. The hasty decision does not make life dark. They also wonder if she will be able to take on the responsibilities of marital life. If she had stayed a little longer, she might have found a good boy for the wedding.

Girls are often reluctant to take their in-laws too. The question that comes to their mind is how much love they are getting in their mic, will they also find in-laws? Will she enjoy her freedom as usual?

What will happen to the husband on the first night?

The night before the wedding the girls also get the idea of ​​what will happen to the husband on the first night after the wedding. If she would tell her husband the day before that she was not feeling well, she would not feel that she did not love him.

Turning a love relationship into a marriage is not easy

Talk there, it is not easy to change the love affair into a marriage, but when it comes to marriage, it is strangely scary and uncertain in the minds of people. That is why it is difficult for them to make the decision to get married. This happens more to girls because after marriage they have to live with a stranger and family in a strange home.

In this case, girls reject many marriage tips simply because of their fears and often try to find solutions to their concerns through their married friends. Even the night before the wedding, many questions and concerns arise in their mind.

Girls have been looking for the prince of their dreams from the beginning. Shortly before the wedding, they have this thing going on in their mind as to whether their upcoming trip is perfect for them. Will she live with it all her life with laughter and joy? She wonders if the boy will be able to support them for the rest of his life, bearing their flaws.

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